European Registry of Abdominal Wall Hernias

Important News

Wednesday, August 17th 2016
 the EuraHS headquater is on holliday
Untill Monday, September 5th 2016 there is no imediate support. 
Nevertheless, EuraHS is fully functional. Registration for a new EuraHS account is also possible. Above all, there will be no loss of data.

New EuraHS Group Manager Guide
If you are interested in sharing your data with other EuraHS users in research groups, this is now possible by creating Groups in EuraHS.
Please read our new EuraHS Group Manager Guide for detailed information or contact the EuraHS Project Manager for questions about this new tool.

How to enter EuraHS?
Registered EuraHS Members, click on the big ENTER EURAHS button in the center. You might need to register your computer first.
Tcreate a new EuraHS Member Account click on the ENTER EURAHS button and on CREATE NEW EuraHS MEMBER ACCOUNT thereafter.
registeration at first is mandatory!

In USER GUIDE you can find the EuraHS Registration Guide which helps with the registration process of EuraHS.
In USER GUIDE you can also download the EuraHS User Guide, a quick overview of the basic EuraHS functions.
In USER GUIDE you can also download the EuraHS Group Manager Guide for research cooperation within EuraHS.
For HELP or the INVITATION PASSWORD, please contact the EuraHS Project Manager.